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Veneers and Openings in Structural Walls
April 15, 2022

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Mr. John M. Hochwalt is the Director of KPFF Consulting Engineers in Seattle. He has over thirty years of experience and is a frequent author and editor of publications about the engineering of masonry structures. John is also active in the development of the masonry building code, TMS 402/602, serving as chair of the subcommittee for Seismic and Limit Design and is a recipient of the 2021 Haller Award, given by The Masonry Society to “an individual engineer or an engineering firm that has enhanced the knowledge of masonry in practice.”

Hochwalt provided information regarding non-structural veneer including both prescriptive design and engineered design. In the prescriptive design, he covered requirements, limitation and changes in TMS 402-22. For the engineered design, he reviewed the requirement in TMS 402-16 for general principals and Options in TMS402-22. The discussion included deflection limits for backing, veneer tie/anchor types and properties and types of veneers.

The second portion covered openings in structural walls as they relate to joints and openings, out-of-plane loads, ASD vs. strength design and congestion at jambs. Hochwalt covered in-plane loads including coupled versus uncoupled walls and how to design coupled walls using ASD and Strength Design.

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