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Design of Masonry Structures & Energy Efficient CMU

Jason Thompson speaking at Pearl Country Club

On Friday, August 5, 2022, Jason Thompson, former Vice President of Engineering for the National Concrete Masonry Association, conducted a seminar for us at the Pearl Country Club. He provided and navigated the attendees through free software tools, focused on the sustainability of concrete masonry, and reviewed the building code requirements.

The Direct Design Software combines the analyses for both the masonry resistance and loading criteria, into one platform, thereby streamlining the design process, reducing design time, and generating more efficient structural drawings.

EleMasonry Software can be used to develop code-compliant designs for walls, columns, beams, and pilasters. We will review the features of this software, with focus on how the software can aid designers in completing design work quickly, efficiently, and in accordance with current building codes.

There have been significant changes to the design codes and standards addressing concrete masonry construction. Revisions to ASTM C90 for load bearing concrete masonry units incorporate new options to allow units to be reconfigured to make the unit more energy efficient, lighter, and versatile to meet project requirements.

Using a benchmark of resilient construction allows our buildings and communities withstand extreme events – while demonstrating that concrete masonry is inherently resilient. Research shows concrete masonry construction can permanently sequester carbon – removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Regarding recent demands on energy efficiency of new construction, we will review the building code requirements for masonry construction and highlight practical solutions to energy code compliance, including meeting requirements for air, water, and vapor barriers through the lens of masonry construction.

Jason Thompson is the Vice President of Engineering for the National Concrete Masonry Association. He has also served in several leadership and executive capacities including Chair of the Masonry Alliance for Codes and Standards, Executive Committee of the Masonry Standards Joint Committee, Technical Activities Committee and Board of Directors for the Masonry Society, Technical Advisor to the Code Resource Support Committee, and the Technical Coordinating Committee of the International Code Council.

When: Friday, August 5, 2022
Where: Pearl Country Club
Speaker: Jason Thompson, Vice President of Engineering for the National Concrete Masonry Association
AIA CES Credits: 6 Units