Scholarship Program for 2021

Helping our children build a good foundation

About the Scholarship

The Mason Contractors Association of Hawaii will be awarding six (6) $3,000 scholarships to high school graduates from the State of Hawaii. The candidates must be entering or currently attending an accredited college or technical school in the State of Hawaii or the U.S. Mainland. The scholarships are intended to encourage Hawaii’s youth to continue studying at an accredited 2-year or 4-year college or technical school.

Application must be postmarked by Friday, August 13, 2021.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. One parent must be a Hawaii resident and a member in good standing of one of the following organizations: Mason Contractors Association of Hawaii, Laborers’ Union, Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii, Mason’s Union Local 630, or AIA Honolulu Chapter.
  2. A member of the listed organizations or member’s spouse is also eligible for the scholarship.
  3. The candidate must be graduating or graduated from a Hawaii public or private high school and/or is undergraduate attending an accredited college or technical school in Hawaii or the U.S. Mainland.
  4. Each applicant must submit a Student Aid Report from “FAFSA” (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Scholarship applications without a Student Aid Report will be disqualified. Download application at

Previous Recipients

  • 2020 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2020 Scholarship Recipients

    Jonilyn Cabatic, Kelvin Rasmussen, Amy Carrasco, Zane Garrigan, Reyna Iwamoto, & Sophia Rodriquez

  • 2019 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2019 Scholarship Recipients

    Aubrey Kaneshiro, Aizel Sibayan, Jenna Katayama, Chandelle Pascual, Wilson Tadena, & Leanna Troung (not pictured)

  • 2018 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2018 Scholarship Recipients

    Aimee Iwamoto, Wilson Tadena, Aizel Sibayan, Trisha Baltazar, Chandelle Pascal (not pictured), & Leanna Troung (not pictured)

  • 2017 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2017 Scholarship Recipients

    Marc Masaoy, Chelseah Pascua, Leanna Truong, & Chandelle Pascual. Hazel Andrada & Maria Lausterer (not pictured)

  • 2016 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2016 Scholarship Recipients

    Chandelle Pascual, Leanna Troung, Lester Aquino, Cassidy Wada, & Aimee Iwamoto

  • 2015 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2015 Scholarship Recipients

    Leanna Truong, Chase Suehiro, Natalie Kamada, Maricar Valdez, & Alohilani Nonies (not pictured)

  • 2014 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2014 Scholarship Recipients

    Sharmaine Sibayan, Hazel Andrade, Chandler Pascual, Sean Lee, & Toby Yamamoto (not pictured)

  • 2013 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2013 Scholarship Recipients

    Hope Sarmiento, Toby Yamamoto, Glory Sarmiento, & Almarine Kitchens (not pictured)

  • 2012 MCAH Scholarship Winners

    2012 Scholarship Recipients

    Gloria Sarmiento, Nichele Wada, Kristi Chang & Nicole Kobayashi