808FUTSAL Indoor Soccer Facility

The 808FUTSAL Indoor Soccer Facility is a 2-story, 63,830 square foot air-conditioned stadium containing 3 courts with bleacher viewing areas, pro shop and snack bar. FUTSAL is a derivative of futbol sala or “room football” in Spanish. The sport was started in Uruguay in 1930 and is a FIFA-sanctioned modified form of soccer played with 5 players per side on a smaller, hard surface court (132 feet by 76 feet) that is typically indoor.

The $15.6 million design-build arena is constructed entirely of masonry and concrete and was built in under 24 months. The CMU bearing walls are 30 feet high on average, with some portions reaching 40 feet in height. Strength design techniques were employed to design the tall slender masonry walls from 8” CMU with no pilasters. Masonry was selected for the exterior/interior walls because of its flexibility, fire resistivity and aesthetics.

Project Information


808FUTSAL Indoor Soccer Facility


Kapolei Business Park, HI


CDS International

Masonry Contractor

Affiliated Construction LLC

Featured Materials

Solid Burnish Face Block, colored CMU, and Durability


Cost Effective, Low Maintenance, Fire Resistance, Aesthetics