Waipahu High School Integrated Academy Facility

The Waipahu High School Integrated Academy Facility is a 3-story living building where students engage in real-time project-based learning. The facility consists of a computer lab, design thinking room, chemistry and biotechnology classrooms, kitchen, dining area, banquet hall, open terrace and open retrofit areas for aquaponics and hydroponics.

With sustainability as the backbone of the master planning effort for the campus, the designers worked with the school to craft a plan that will help them make incremental steps to make their campus more efficient, sustainable and comfortable in this hot, dry part of the island. Key strategies include maximizing opportunities for outdoor learning, implementing better stormwater strategies, reducing potable water, making the landscapes more active, improving energy efficiency and maximizing passive strategies.

Project Information


Waipahu High School Integrated Academy Facility Phase I


Waipahu, Hawaii


Hawaii State Department of Education

General Contractor

S & M Sakamoto

Mason Contractor

Affiliated Construction LLC


WRNS Studio