UH West Oahu

According to the design architect, John Hara, the principal design concept for the campus buildings included:

  1. Preservation of the character of the site
  2. Historic references to the Ewa Plain
  3. Specific plan elements such as building orientation relationships derived from natural topography
  4. Sustainable design strategies

Masonry was chosen as the buildings primary structural material because of its successful performance as a durable and low-maintenance material. Additionally, with the utilization of a new water repellent admixture, the expected cost of maintenance for masonry is expected to remain low. A primary benefit of masonry is its thermal mass properties where the 12" to 16" thickness of the walls help to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the interior of the all five building structures.

Project Information


University of Hawaii - West Oahu Campus


Kapolei, HI


John Hara & Associates

Masonry Contractor

Ono Construction

Featured Materials

CMU block
Stone walls
CMU tile flooring


Water repellent admixture
Low maintenance
Low cost