Glazed Unit

Astra-Glaze-SW+® glazed units are pre-faced architectural concrete masonry blocks that have a thermoset glazing compound permanently molded to one or more faces, creating a uniform satin-gloss finish across all units. Trenwyth Industry's™ approved integral water-repellent CMU admixture provide mold and moisture resistance, making it ideal for high moisture or sanitary environments. It is also highly resistant to cracking and crazing in adverse conditions due to built-in ductility, giving it the ability to withstand severe weather.

Each unit can be color matched to almost any color and provides many shapes and scoring patterns to give you endless design possibilities. The maintenance-free glossy surface also provides the most advanced stain and graffiti resistance available on the market. It is resistant to spray paint, permanent markers, grease, crayon, is impervious to chemicals, and is easily cleaned.

Product Information


Astra-Glaze-SW+® Glazed Unit

Main Benefits

Mold, Moisture, and Weather Resistant
Maintenance Free Finish
Fire Protection
Custom Color Matching
Sound Absorption

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